Top 5 Marketing Websites - Templates that are easy to access and easy to use

Did you know that Google (verb) was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2006?

In the information age, everything you need can be found online, we simply "Google" it. However, the internet is flooded with content and trolling through the virtual mountains of informations is tedious. Especially when you are on a deadline.

To make your life easier here is a list of my top 5 resource websites to help with your marketing needs:


1. HubSpot -
The HubSpot blog gives you access to marketing and sales templates that are easy to download, easy to use and come with instructions.

2. Smart Insights -
Smart Insights offer a free basic membership that gives you access to great toolkits that will help you drive growth through digital marketing. Their blog is also worth searching, here you can find easy to use tools without having to sign up for the membership.

3. Digital Marketer -
As the name suggests, these guys give you easy to follow content for all your digital marketing and content development needs. They are the kings of info-graphics. 

4. Her Business -
Whether you're female or male, this website will provide you with great freebies to help get your business past the tipping point. Here you can find handy tips and great info on all things business and check out some success stories for added inspiration.

5. Social Media Examinar -
For all your social media needs. These guys really keep their finger on the pulse of all the new social media marketing options and provide free tools such as podcasts, eBooks, videos and templates to help you really nail your social media marketing.

I understand that as a small business owner, you wear all the hats; Management, HR, Book Keeping, Marketing, Sales and even Cleaning. I also know that wearing all the hats can get very heavy and at times you simply forget one in the cupboard. If your marketing efforts are falling behind. Let me help!

I work with small business owners to make sure that marketing isn't left in the "too hard" basket, I will work with you to identify your goals, understand your needs and then help you get sh!t done.


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